For the Love of Dogs

From dogs living in packs on the streets and beaches of Mexico and Puerto Rico to a pit bull who lost his hearing in a drug bust and went on to become a beloved pet, this presentation focuses on Traer Scott’s four dog books Shelter Dogs, Street Dogs, Newborn Puppies and Finding Home. Through stories and anecdotes about many of the canine subjects featured in the books, Traer creates a moving and inspirational speech for animal rescue groups, volunteer groups and animal welfare related fundraisers. An optional Finding Home book signing can be paired with this presentation.


Photographing Shelter Animals

A good photo speaks volumes but when it comes to getting homeless animals adopted, a quality picture can literally mean the difference between life and death. This instructional talk focuses on helping shelter volunteers and employees to obtain better photos of adoptable dogs and cats. Traer will share many tips and tricks that will give anyone the basic skills needed to get dynamic, engaging photos of shelter animals. No cameras necessary! An optional Finding Home book signing can be paired with this presentation.


From Giraffes to Hummingbirds: Photographing Wildlife

A porcupine named Pickles who likes to sit on your lap and a blind baby fox named Piper are just two of the characters who appear in this talk which centers on the making of the books Nocturne and Wild Babies: From Giraffes to Hummingbirds. Stories and anecdotes about fascinating species featured in the books are intertwined with a message about the important role of wildlife rehabilitation. From Giraffes to Hummingbirds offers a message of hopefocused on making our world a safer place for wildlife and is designed to be of interest to wildlife rehabilitation and conservation groups as well as veterinarians and school groups. An optional Nocturne or Wild Babies book signing can be paired with this presentation.


Animals Through the Lens

Aimed at amateur and professional photographers as well as students, Animals Through the Lens offers a history of Traer Scott’s photographic career spanning 15 years and seven books. Particular focus is on giving insight to working with animals of all kinds using minimal equipment and natural light as well as technical tips and anecdotes from shoots around the world including locations such as Thailand, Puerto Rico, Mexico and more. An optional book signing featuring any in-print Traer Scott books can be paired with this presentation.


Natural History

An artist talk about the Natural History series which has been published and exhibited worldwide.


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